Integra Foods is a proud champion of sustainability. We want seafood stocks to last for generations and are doing our best to make sure we adhere to sustainable fishing and seafood processing practices.

About Integra Foods

Our company name says it all – “Integra stands for Integrity.”


Located north of Victoria, B.C., Integra Foods International Corp. is a Global Supply Organization specializing in Seafood Commodities, servicing the Foodservice, Retail, Export Market and Secondary processing industries.

Integra’s objective is to exceed the customer’s expectations in all aspects. This can only be accomplished by the highest level of professionalism complimented by a motivation to please the customer.

Our success as an organization and the ability to meet our objectives in supplying our customers can be attributed to the experience of our team members and associations. Like a well-organized sports team, we move in unison achieving the goal of complete customer satisfaction.

At Integra, building mutually-beneficial relationships based on trust and performance has enabled us to confidently supply a consistent flow of quality seafood products. Our strong alliances with the vessel community and key producers from around the World ensures a strong and consistent flow in such resources as Cod, Halibut, Sole, Turbot, Pollock, Rockfish/Snapper, Perch, Salmon, and Squid (to list a few).