Market Update

November 03, 2017
Integra Foods MSC Certified for Salmon, Halibut, Cod and Pollock. Members of Ocean Wise The single most important value in seafood is health benefits ! Want to live a longer healthier life add more seafood to your diet. Alaskan seafood contains vitamins E, C, D and A as…

Our Seafood

Frozen seafood is often superior in quality to fresh products when shelf life is taken into consideration. The freezing technology and quality control methods of the industry allow fresh-caught flavor to be captured for months. Integra Foods insures our products are handled with the highest levels of quality control.

About Integra Foods

Our success as an organization and our ability to meet our objective of supplying our customers can be attributed to the experience of our team members and associations. At Integra, building mutually-beneficial relationships based on trust and performance has enabled us to confidently supply a consistent flow …..