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Market Update

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Market Update 2017

November 3, 2017


Integra Foods MSC Certified for Salmon, Halibut, Cod and Pollock. 

Members of Ocean Wise.


A  ) Cod:  Atlantic Cod quota has been reduced by 13 %.  Pacific Cod quota is also rumoring to be cut for 2018.  Expect a price increase come 2018. B season was not the most favorable harvest however Pacific cod is available. Call for pricing.

B) Alaskan Pollock: Pollock IQF and S/P 2-4oz and loins are available.

C) Rockfish/Sole: Integra holding allocation call for availability. Prices stable.

D) Halibut: Halibut season is coming to an end on November 7, 2017. Stay tuned to hear final quota.  Market wise frozen Halibut has stalled due to strengthening US dollar and the natural high price of the protein. See where it goes in the next few months.

E) Salmon: The 2017 Alaskan salmon harvest as of Oct 2/2017 stands at 219.4 million fish. The 2017 overall harvest ended up producing a larger than expected harvest. Data compared to 2016 harvest is Keta (Chums) came in 58% higher, Sockeye -2 %, Chinook (Kings) -49 %, Coho + 31% and Pinks -25 %  (compared to Pinks 2015). Kings unfortunately had the worst harvest. Pinks came in just a little short. Canning production was limited this year therefore we are seeing more salmon in the freezers. Which is good news for our market.

F) California Squid: Slow start but boats are fishing. Call for bookings.

Integra Foods proudly supports all organizations that traffic, monitor and recommend sustainable seafood !

Alaskan product is superior quality and can always be trusted to be sustainable. Alaska’s constitution mandates sustainability and they are models for all the other organizations in the world.

MSC, RFM, Ocean Wise and Seafood Watch Monterey Bay are organizations that can be trusted for sustainable fisheries.

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