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Market Update 2017

September 7, 2017

Integra Foods MSC Certified for Salmon, Halibut, Cod and Pollock. Members of Ocean Wise.


A ) Alaskan Cod: Inventories are available. B Season has commenced.

B) Alaskan Pollock: Pollock IQF and S/P 2-4oz Fillets are available.

C) Rockfish/Sole: Integra holding allocation call for availability.

D) Halibut: 2 months remaining for Halibut season. To date 24% of approx. 70 million pounds is left for this season. For years Halibut has escalated in price. Markets response is lack luster.

Twice Frozen Halibut: Russian Halibut has arrived and available. Price has increased from last year but good deals can be met with programs and volume.

E) Salmon: According to Alaska Department of fish and game commercial wild salmon catch has exceeded the 204.6 million forecast. As of 9/4/2017 harvest stands at 209.9 million. Breakdown per species 245,000 king salmon, 51.8 million sockeye, 3.7 million coho, 22 million chum and 129.1 million pinks. The fire at Port Moller processing plant mid-August caused late-season fishing in the North Peninsula region to close early. Southeast, Kodiak and AYK regions are still fishing targeting coho, late running chum and late running sockeye salmon. Now is the time to start booking allocations for winter/new year 2018 for Pinks and Sockeyes. Fingers crossed Fall Johnston Strait fishery will produce a healthy harvest.

F) California Squid: Availability is short. Please call for updates.

The single most important value in seafood is health benefits ! Want to live a longer healthier life add more seafood to your diet. Alaskan seafood contains vitamins E, C, D and A as well as those healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Choosing seafood couldn't be more wiser !

Integra Foods proudly supports all organizations that traffic, monitor and recommend sustainable seafood !

Alaskan product is superior quality and can always be trusted to be sustainable. Alaska’s constitution mandates sustainability and they are models for all the other organizations in the world.

MSC, RFM, Ocean Wise and Seafood Watch Monterey Bay are organizations that can be trusted for sustainable fisheries.

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