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Market Update 2017 -

June 2, 2017

Integra Foods MSC Certified for Salmon, Halibut, Cod and Pollock.

Members of Ocean Wise.


A) Alaskan Cod: Regardless of Pacific Cod prices increasing market stayed strong. Inventories are available but don’t wait too long to lock up inventory for the summer.

B) Alaskan Pollock: Pollock is an excellent affordable white protein. 2-4oz sizing is available. Call for inquires. For the 2017A season Pollock size showed an increase which is good news for its species and market needs.

C) Rockfish/Sole: Integra holding allocation call for availability. New quota April 01, 2017.

D) Halibut:

Here are the landings for Halibut Quota per area/percentage:

South East Alaska: 51%

Gulf of Alaska: 42 %

Aleutian N: 23%

Aleutian S: 12 %

Aleutian end:16%(low due to weather but more expected come Fall)

Projecting frozen 2017 Halibut to hit freezers come early Fall. Residual 2016 Halibut available.

Twice Frozen Halibut: New supply projected for July and August. Russian Halibut quota is down causing price increase.

E)Salmon:2017 Salmon fishery forecast is looking good !

F)California Squid:Boats are out ! Sizes are coming in small for now. Pricing will be projected by volumes in the next 2 to 3 months.

Integra Foods proudly supports all organizations that traffic, monitor and recommend sustainable seafood !

Alaskan product is superior quality and can always be trusted to be sustainable. Alaska’s constitution mandates sustainability and they are models for all the other organizations in the world.

MSC, RFM, Ocean Wise and Seafood Watch Monterey Bay are organizations that can be trusted for sustainable fisheries.

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